Estonian Design Awards 2014 in 3D


3D renders are very important part of exhibition planning. They help to visualize the room to get a sense of how the exhibtion is going to look like and to see what solutions work and what not.


Computer generated pictures and videos are the cheapest way to avoid any unpleasant suprises during the building phase.


3D renders can give the feeling of actually visiting the exhibition before it has been set up. If it does not feel right, models can be changed to test another idea.


Models are made using exact blueprints of the room, which means all the objects are their right size. It helps to figure out where to place exhibition information, as shown on this picture.


Once 3D model is made, it is possible to capture images from every angle. We made the top view to see if using this size platforms, how much space would people have to move around easily so they could concentrate on enjoying the exhibition and not on worrying about bumping into each-other.

Exhibition design by Epp Õlekõrs and Mariana Hint.