SecondSkin – Interactive video


To make people acknowledge the impact of their decisions and the effects to the future, we want to offer a “shortcut” to the future – an interactive video with alternate reality game elements named “The Secondskin”, which creates a user journey circle between present, future and past. It attempts to create interest about the history through the future. The genre of the interactive video is science fiction and fantasy, but could work very well as forecast. It teaches players how we need to know the past to make right decisions in the future or avoid the future and avoid the gloomy future presented in the video. Video and interactivity helps the viewer to see the outcome of their decisions right away.


The vision about the future in “Secondskin” might sound ridiculously unbelievable, but we know that technology will not stop developing, what we do not know is how exactly will it be changing us. What will happen in next 35 years? I bet majority of the people would not believed 35 years ago, that people are spending their free time by staring little plastic screens and people who they are sharing a table, make only small percentage of the ones they are actually with at that moment.


“The Secondskin” story invites people to fantasize with us about the future.


Story jumps from interactive video to different museum sites, where user looks for clues in order to continue.


Sometimes websites are not enough and users needs to visit real museums, let`s just hope they read the clues correclty and visit the right one


The viewer of the “The Secondskin” interactive video finds himself interacting with someone in the year 2050. Future description in this video is inspired by some of the current main issues human kind faces, offers its own solutions to these problems and puts the player into a position to make decisions instead of someone who is living in the future. Although technologies used in this science fictional future do not exist and maybe never will, it tries to take in account fast technology development happened in last few decades and how it has effected human’s everyday behavior. It takes a closer look towards our communication and interaction among ourselves, how we use more and more online realm and gadgets to exchange messages. It shows where it might lead in 35 years and what would happen if technology finally lets us down..