Projects that break the walls of museums to the online space

Projects that break the walls of museums to the online space


BAR CODE project, produced by Arte and the NFB, should be mentioned when talking about online space and artefacts. Main characters are the objects and their stories exhibited in online environment.

Other attempt that has the aim to use technology for enhancing visitor interaction with exhibitions from the museum is the SHAPE project. The concept of augmented archeology will be implemented in the ‘Living Exhibitions’ from some museums across Europe, (currently The Technical Museum – Stockholm, Nottingham Castle Museum – Nottingham, and The Hunt Museum- Limerick).

Similar project, connected with telling the story of the objects was developed by Portland Art Museum ( ) in collaboration with  Northwest Film Center, Write Around Portland and the Miracle Theatre Group. Stories were recorded in an interactive space located inside the Portland Art Museum and not from the online environment. The stories had to follow a specific script. The “audio story” is presented together with a photo gallery of that object and it’s owner. The site is simple and offers very useful information for making the experience as accessible as possible, but the project is currently closed.

 Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) developed other similar project. The project has the same theme, gathering objects and their stories. What’s interesting about this project is that “producers” came up with sub-projects ideas, offering workshops for people who wanted to get involved (video producing, storytelling, photography etc.) This sub-projects are categories for this website that allow better interaction. Workshops are “awards” for the audience, offering them a new skill.  They also get the opportunity to be featured on ABC TV or platforms. From copyright point of view, ABC doesn’t own the produced content. It’s not a project with a commercial value. Although if the content is broadcasted on ABC this statement could be debated. The project lasted for one year only from 2013 to 2014.

The Significant Object ( focuses on the value that objects gain in time. Objects are associated with a value in money and they’re auctioned on Money are being donated for different causes. The main strength of comes from the object auctions – people become more engaged when money is involved and the viral spreading factor kicks in much more easily.